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Bannockburn Elementary School District 106 is a K-8 school district located in the small high-income Lake County village of Bannockburn, Illinois, United States. The school district is composed of one school, known as Bannockburn Elementary School. The school, which serves grades first through eight and also kindergarten, is run by Principal Debbie Barnes and superintendent Dr. Scott Hermann.[1] Bannockburn Elementary School has fourteen academic teachers, five special education teachers, and four creative arts teachers, with one teacher educating her students in both academic and creative arts classes.[2]

The athletics team of the school district participates against mostly religious schools, including the Jewish school Hillel Torah and St. Gilbert School of Grayslake, a Catholic school.[3]

The school board president is Dr. Lucy Hammerberg. The other school board members are Elise Adley, Jody Figura, David Kotowsky, Nancy Nervick, Carrie Rose, and Jake Leahy.[4] The most recent election was on April 4, 2017. Julie Soloway did not seek reelection, while Adley, Nervick, and Kotowsky did. Jake Leahy was elected to fill the vacancy left by Soloway. [5]


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