Banzai Runner

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Banzai Runner
Directed by John G. Thomas
Produced by Kenneth L. Hulbert
John G. Thomas
Written by Phil Harnage
John G. Thomas
Starring Dean Stockwell
John Shepherd
Charles Dierkop
Rick Fitts
Dawn Schneider
Billy Drago
Music by Joel Goldsmith
Cinematography Howard Wexler
Edited by Drake Silliman
Distributed by Vidmark Entertainment
Release date
Running time
88 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Banzai Runner is a 1987 American action film starring Dean Stockwell, John Shepherd, Charles Dierkop, Rick Fitts, Dawn Schneider, Billy Drago and directed by John G. Thomas.[1]


A yearly every-man-for-himself car race is staged in the desert, with wealthy motorists driving custom cars at supersonic speed on a deserted highway. During one of these contests, a policeman is killed. With no witnesses, it's up to the cop's brother to see justice is done. He accomplishes this by assuming a false identity and joining the race.


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