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Bao du

Bao du (爆肚) is a tripe dish that is part of Beijing cuisine. It is traditionally cooked and sold by the Hui nationality.


It has a long history, being first recorded in the Qing Dynasty. There are many restaurants and street peddlers selling it in Beijing, such as Bao Du Feng, a traditional and well-known restaurant established in 1881.


Raw material[edit]

  • beef Tripe(mainly divided into four parts)
    • 1.tripe(black)
    • 2.百叶Omasum(white)
    • 3.肚仁
    • 4.厚头
  • lamb Tripe(mainly divided into eight parts)
    • 1.食信:esophagus
    • 2.肚板:rumen
    • 3.肚领:an uplift of the rumen
    • 4.肚仁
    • 5.葫芦:reticulum(or second stomach)
    • 6.散旦:omasum(羊散旦)
    • 7.蘑菇:reticulorumen
    • 8.蘑菇头:the bottom of the reticulorumen

Cooking techniques[edit]

The dish is made of fresh tripe(Beef omasum) or fresh lamb tripe which is firstly cut into slices,blanch them in boiling water rapidly and remove.It put forward a high request to the cooks ability.It requires rich experience and superb cooking skills to control the boiling time and the fire.


The seasoning is mainly a mixture of jiang Doufu,sesame paste and salted Chinese chives flower. According to taste,it also can be added soy sauce, vinegar, pungent sauce, fermented bean curd, coriander powders, chopped green onion etc.


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