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Bar Bahlul (Classical Syriac: ܐܝܫܘܥ ܒܪ ܒܗܠܘܠ‎, ʼīšoʻ Bár Bahlul; Arabic: الحسن بن بهلول‎, al-Ḥasan ˈIbn Bahlūl) was a 10th-century Christian bishop and Syriac linguist.[1]


Not much is known of Bar Bahlul's life. His name has appeared in the list of bishop who supported Abdisho I ascendency to the patriarchy of the Church of the East in 963 A.D.


Bar Bahlul is mainly known for his comprehensive Syriac-Arabic dictionary. He has also a number of other books that were lost on the biographies of Western and Eastern Syrian bishops and on the interpretation of dreams.[2]

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