Barbara Lynch

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Barbara Lynch
OriginToronto, Ontario, Canada
Years active1996-
LabelsDuke Street Records

Barbara Lynch is a musician/singer/songwriter from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her first album, Goodbye and Goodluck, was released by Duke Street Records in 1996. Lynch self-produced her second album, In the Nickelodeon. It was released in 2008 under GDA Records and then in 2009 become a part of the new Cowboy Junkies' record label, Latent Recordings, distributed by MapleMusic.


Goodbye and Goodluck (1996 - Duke Street Records)[edit]

  • 1. Take It A Day at a Time
  • 2. Nobody Thought That It Would
  • 3. Suicide
  • 4. Flowers Outside
  • 5. Puppet Girl
  • 6. When You Kiss Me
  • 7. There Wasn't Enough For You
  • 8. Storybook
  • 9. This House
  • 10. Lullaby
  • 11. The Best That You Can

Produced by David Travers-Smith. All songs written by Barbara Lynch except #10 by Lynch/Traditional. Musicians on the album: Barbara Lynch, Rich Greenspoon, David Travers-Smith, Rich Pell, Christopher Plock, Uli Bohnet, Oliver Shroer, George Koller, Roman Borys.

In the Nickelodeon (2008 - GDA Records)[edit]

  • 1. We Go Back a Long Long Way
  • 2. Someday You'll Dance
  • 3. Will You Ever Care For Me
  • 4. Go Easy On Him
  • 5. New Orleans Is Drownin'
  • 6. Nickelodeon
  • 7. As Soon As I Make Enough Money
  • 8. Wagon Lament
  • 9. Doomsday Clock
  • 10. Take Me For A Ride
  • 11. Missing You
  • 12. Daddy Ain't Dead
  • 13. Saturday Nights

Self-produced with assistance of Eric Brown and John Timmins. All songs written by Barbara Lynch except #6 and #9 by Lynch/Traditional. Engineered by Eric Brown at GDA Studios. Musicians on the album include Eric Brown, Christopher Plock, John Timmins, Katherine Wheatley and John Wojewoda.[1]

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