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Barbara Sher (born 14 August 1935) is a speaker, career/lifestyle coach, and author. Her books have sold millions of copies and been translated into many languages. She has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, 60 Minutes, CNN, and Good Morning America and her public television specials air regularly in the United States. Sher lectures at universities, Fortune 100 companies and professional conferences all over the world.[1]

Sher's latest book, Refuse to Choose (Rodale 2006) is a step-by-step program designed for "scanners", people with many interests who are unable to decide on a single direction for their lives.

Other projects[edit]

Sher runs retreats for scanners in the U.S; France; Corfu, Greece; and Apulia, Italy. She has a year-long program for writers and speakers called How To Write Your Own Success Story.[2] She also runs websites devoted to her books, programs, and audio materials. In the spring and fall, she lives at her second home in a small village in Central Turkey, where she teaches e-commerce to village weavers.[1] In October 2015 she gave a presentation at the TEDx Prague Isolation is the dream-killer, not your attitude.[3]


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