Barber Dam

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Barber Dam
The dam in 1979
Barber Dam is located in Idaho
Barber Dam
Location of Barber Dam in Idaho
Country United States
Location Boise
Coordinates 43°33′37″N 116°07′18″W / 43.56028°N 116.12167°W / 43.56028; -116.12167Coordinates: 43°33′37″N 116°07′18″W / 43.56028°N 116.12167°W / 43.56028; -116.12167
Status Operational
Construction began 1904
Opening date 1906
Owner(s) Ada County
Dam and spillways
Height 30 ft (9 m)
Length 400 ft (122 m)[1]
Active capacity 180 acre·ft (222,027 m3)[2]
Power station
Hydraulic head 25 ft (8 m)
Turbines 2 x Kaplan-type
Installed capacity 4.14 MW[3]
Barber Dam and Lumber Mill
Nearest city Boise, Idaho
Built 1906
Architectural style A.J. Wiley
NRHP Reference # 78001037[4]
Added to NRHP November 21, 1978

The Barber Dam is a timber-crib dam on the Boise River located about 3 mi (5 km) east of Boise, Idaho. The dam was constructed by the Barber Lumber Company between 1904 and 1906 to serve as a mill pond for timber. A power plant was also constructed in conjunction with the dam which powered the mill and the town of Barberton (Barber), which was established in 1910.[5] In 1934, the Great Depression effected the closure of the mill and the facilities were purchased by Boise Cascade. The Harris Ranch purchased the dam and mill after the depression and developed the area for residential property.[6] The dam was purchased by Ada County in 1977 and is currently operated by the Idaho Department of Water Resources.[7][8] The run-of-the-river dam's power house contains two Kaplan turbine generators with a combined capacity of 4.14 MW and is operated by Enel Green Power.[3] The dam and lumber mill were added to the National Register of Historic Places on November 21, 1978.[4]


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