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Barcode games are games that use barcodes, usually to enter characters and items for use in the game.

Designated consoles[edit]

Numerous stand-alone card set games were released specifically for the following consoles.

Interfaced games[edit]

Interface technology allowed the linking (usually via cables) of barcode-scanner hardware to other consoles. Games released for non-scanning consoles would employ the barcode scanner as a means to unlock secret content within the game or to add enhanced functionality. A number of games also relied on the barcode-scanning portion of the game in a manner which was integral to gameplay.

Famicom: Barcode World cable[edit]

Famicom: Datach Joint ROM System[edit]

Super Famicom: Barcode Battler II Interface[edit]

Game Boy: Barcode Boy[edit]

Game Boy Color: Barcode Taisen Bardigun[edit]

Game Boy Advance: Nintendo e-Reader[edit]

PlayStation 3: PlayStation Eye[edit]


Smartphone games[edit]


  • Barcode Beasties
  • Barcode City
  • Barcode Empire
  • Barcode Rockstar
  • Barcode Warrior
  • Barcode Wars
  • Codemon (Barcode Monsters)
  • Barcode KANOJO
  • Barcode Knight


  • ScanLife Barcode Reader


  • Barcode Coliseum
  • Barcode KANOJO
  • Barcode Hunt
  • Barcode Wars
  • Warcode
  • Barcode Warz in Space
  • Barcode Kingdom