Barndance Boys

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Barndance Boys
Origin London, England
Genres Country, folk, pop, dance
Years active 2003
Associated acts Rikki & Daz
Members Daz Sampson (Darren Sampson)
Ricardo Autobahn (John Matthews)
Brian LH

The Barndance Boys was a trio musical formation made as a country and folk dance act in 2003. Barndance Boys was the brainchild of John Matthews (stage name Ricardo Autobahn) from the Cuban Boys fame. He launched the novelty band with Darren Sampson known as Daz Sampson, with whom he had cooperated in many other musical projects including in the duo Rikki & Daz. Brian LH was also included to complete the trio.

Barndance Boys were infamous for their papier mache grossly exaggerated heads. The single "Yippie-i-oh"[1] by the band spent 2 weeks on the UK Singles Charts. It topped at position 32 on the 37th and 38th weeks of the charts in 2003.[2] The tune of "Yippie-i-oh" is largely based on the traditional folk song "I'll Tell Me Ma" also known colloquially as "The Belle of Belfast City".

Year Song UK Singles Chart Irish Top 20 Album
2003 "Yippie-i-oh" #32

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