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Kainos Steel custom Barndominium located near Houston, TX.

Barndominium is a neologistic portmanteau of barn and condominium with multiple meanings.

One definition refers to a type of steel building. This usage refers to a non-traditional structure, with a steel frame and sheet metal siding, originally designed as a storage building or barn structure that has been repurposed by the addition of living areas to previously open space. This type of building is typically built on an existing property or multi-acre homesite and the structure often acts as a dual purpose living and shop or work and storage areas large enough for things as large as boats and recreational vehicles.

The term has also been used for wood-framed structures, and is often used interchangeably with terms like "barn home" and "barn with living quarters",[1] for newer buildings in the tradition of bastles, housebarns and connected farms.

The term was used, once, for a planned subdivision equestrian community where owners share stable space in a centrally-located equestrian facility.[2] The concept is similar to a Golf course community, but geared toward horses and equestrian activity.


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