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Barnsley Borough Police was the police force operating in county borough of Barnsley, England until 1 October 1968.[1][2] The force was merged with other forces in 1968 to form the West Yorkshire Constabulary. The area passed to the South Yorkshire Police in 1974.[3]


  1. ^ "Barnsley - - NARPO South Yorkshire Branches". NARPO South Yorkshire Branches. Archived from the original on 16 March 2012. Retrieved 17 December 2010. Members of the Branch in the main are retirees from Barnsley Borough Police, West Riding Constabulary, West Yorkshire Police and South Yorkshire Police. 
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  3. ^ " :: Bishopgarth's History". Retrieved 17 December 2010. Following the Home Secretary's announcement in May 1966, to reduce the number of police forces in England and Wales, active steps were taken by the West Riding Constabulary to prepare for a new Force, the West Yorkshire Constabulary. The 1968 amalgamation involved seven local police forces: Halifax Borough Police, Huddersfield Borough Police, Wakefield City Police, West Riding Constabulary, Dewsbury Borough Police, Barnsley Borough Police and Doncaster Borough Police. On 1st April 1974, in line with local government re-organisation, Doncaster and Barnsley left the fold to join South Yorkshire Police. This same re-organisation caused a further amalgamation as Leeds City Police (originally formed in 1836) and Bradford City Police (formed in 1848) joined the rest of the county to form the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police.