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Baroon dir lower

Baroon is a village in Lower Dir district of Pakistan, situated at a distance of about 10 km from Timergara, on the way from Timergara to Upper Dir, opposite to the main road, separated from the main road by Panjkora river. The village contains many beautiful fields in which different crops are sown like rice, wheat, maize, different vegetables and also there are gardens of orange and other fruits. There is a middle school for boys and also for girls. Initially the education rate of this village was very low because most of the people after or before matriculation go to foreign countries specially KSA and UAE, but now the education rate is very good as compared to the previous time people are now studying even in universities and most of the people have completed their master degrees and some are doing even M.phil.Now phd also.Two major tribes of pukhtoons [1]Yousafzai [2]Shinwari settled there.But Yousafzai is the ruling family of this village.Malak Abdul Hanan khan was the jirga leader of this village also coated by an english writer in his famous book.After MalaK Abdul Hanan,Malak Bahadar khan was remain the jirga leader.After the death of Malak bahadar khan his brother Malak sarbiland khan now ruling the jirga system of this village.

(late) Malak abdul qayuum khan(father of Doctor Toor Shahzada) was the president of falahi tanzim Baroon.