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Barots in western India (c. 1855–1862)

Barot is an Indian caste native to Gujarat.


The caste is known as "Barots". The word

According to one theory, the caste of Barots developed from the Bhats. Widespread tradition states that they came to Gujarat from Rajputana during the Solanki period (942-1245 CE). They are said to be of Brahmin origin.[1]

Present circumstances[edit]

At present, the traditional occupation of Barots or Bhatts is on the verge of extinction as the new generation of the casts/communities for whom they worked as Barots, no longer patronize them. Further, the young generation of Barots, also have got involved in other occupation and businesses and higher studies.[1]

Barot is a commonly found surname in Gujarat. Barot, Inamdar, Bhat are some of the surnames belonging to this caste or community.

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