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Barrie Roberts (Hampshire, 1939 - 2007)[1] was an English author,[1] folk singer,[2][3] freelance journalist,[3] and criminal lawyer.[3]


Born in Hampshire in 1939,[3] Roberts was educated at Churcher's College.[3]

As a lawyer, Roberts worked for two firms in the West Midlands[3] and at one he was a part of the appeal for the Birmingham Six.[3] As an instructor, Roberts taught courses on Ghosts and Unsolved Mysteries[3] and has also lectured on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.[3]

Roberts was a member of the Gypsy council[4] and interested himself in the treatment of Gypsies and other travellers.[4]


Chris Tyroll[edit]

  • Crowner & Justice (2002)
  • Bad Penny Blues (2000)
  • Robbery With Malice (1999)
  • Victory Snapshot (1997)

Sherlock Holmes[edit]


Short stories[edit]

  • The Disappearance of Daniel Question (The Strand Magazine #4 2000)[12]
  • The Abbus Parva Tragedy: The Mystery of the Christmas Pie (The Strand Magazine Christmas 2001)
  • The Affair of the Christmas Jewel (The Strand Magazine Christmas 2002)
  • The Affair of the Christmas Candle (The Strand Magazine Christmas 2003)
  • The Mystery of the Addleton Curse (The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures)
  • The Affair of the Weeping Child (Unpublished)Personal Correspondence


  • Midland Ghosts and Hauntings (1994)
  • Midland Murders and Mysteries (1997)
  • Midland Spirits and Spectres (1998)
  • Murder in the Midlands (2000)
  • A Taste of Murder (2004)