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The Moog Cookbook - Bartell.jpg
Compilation album by The Moog Cookbook
Released 2005
Genre Electronica
Length 73:49
Label Cookbook Kitschen Records
Producer The Moog Cookbook
The Moog Cookbook chronology
Ye Olde Space Bande

Bartell is the third album by The Moog Cookbook, released in 2005.

Track listing[edit]

CD: MC-1205-01[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Track Details Length
1. "Twist Barbie" Naoko Yamano Remix of Shonen Knife 4:19
2. "Kelly Watch the Stars" Nicolas Godin, Jean-Benoît Dunckel Remix of Air 5:38
3. "Novocaine for the Soul" Mark Oliver Everett Cover of Eels 3:08
4. "Lost in Space Part #1" John Williams Cover of Lost in Space TV theme 3:38
5. "Lost in Space Part #2" Roger Manning, Brian Kehew Original by The Moog Cookbook 2:19
6. "Big Me" Dave Grohl Cover of Foo Fighters 2:43
7. "Surrender" Rick Nielsen Cover of Cheap Trick 3:51
8. "Pumpernickel's Dark Ride Theme" Joel Hodgson From an unaired TV show 4:37
9. "Psyche Rock" Pierre Henry Remix of Pierre Henry 4:57
10. "Mountain" Yuhi Komiyama Remix of You He-Es 5:24
11. "20th Century Boy" Marc Bolan Cover of T. Rex 3:50
12. "Bob's Boogie" Manning, Kehew Original by The Moog Cookbook 5:14
13. "Mon Coeur" Camille Saint-Saëns Remix of Klaus Nomi 4:09
14. "Time" Alex Gopher Remix of Alex Gopher 6:06
15. "Silent Night" Joseph Mohr, Franz Xaver Gruber From the Christmas EP 3:14
16. "Winter Wonderland" Felix Bernard, Richard B. Smith From the Christmas EP 2:39
17. "Deck the Halls"/"Sleigh Ride" Unknown / Leroy Anderson From the Christmas EP 2:51
18. "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" Haven Gillespie, John Frederick Coots From the Christmas EP 2:55
19. "Jingle Bells" James Pierpont From the Christmas EP 2:18
Total length: 73:49