Barton Secondary School

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Barton Secondary School
Barton Secondary, Hamilton.jpg
75 Palmer Road
Hamilton, Ontario, L8T 3G1
Coordinates 43°12′57″N 79°50′28″W / 43.21583°N 79.84111°W / 43.21583; -79.84111Coordinates: 43°12′57″N 79°50′28″W / 43.21583°N 79.84111°W / 43.21583; -79.84111
School type Public, high school
Motto Veritas Omnia Vincit
(Truth conquers all)
Founded 11 November 1961
School board Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
Superintendent Sharon Stephanian
Area trustee Laura Peddle
School number 893455[1]
Principal Deb Jukes
Grades 9–12
Enrollment 955 (September 2008[1])
Language English
Colour(s) Blue and Green

Barton Secondary School (BSS) is located at 75 Palmer Road in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and is a part of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board. Officially opened in 1961, Barton Secondary School has a September 2008 enrolment of 955,[1] and has 28 primary languages spoken within the school by students aside from English.[citation needed] The school's mission statement is "Educating students to become lifelong learners and contributing citizens in a challenging, changing, multi-cultural world." Students are required by Provincial Law[2] to complete 30 mandatory credits and the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) within their secondary school career. The school also offers special education classes as well as an ESL program. The HWDSB announced on 24 May 2012 that Barton Secondary School will close, along with Hill Park Secondary School and Mountain Secondary School. The students will be consolidated into a new, $25 million school.[3]


BSS was founded in 1961 as part of the Board of Education for the City of Hamilton's plan to have enough schools available for children of baby boomers. In 1972, the school became Hamilton's pilot school in initiating a semester system that had been showing positive increases in student achievement amongst schools in Alberta and British Columbia. Over a four-year period, results were studied and in 1976, the semester system was deemed a success and adapted by other schools in Hamilton and the surrounding area.

The school has evolved into a modern composite high school that offers a variety in academics, athletics and co-curricular activities. The school has five computer labs, a renovated gymnasium and library, a full menu cafeteria, state of the art communication labs and technological shops. A Specialist High Skills Major in Manufacturing is offered at Barton. In the program students receive training in Fall Protection, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, CPR, First Aid and a Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certification because Barton is a CWB testing facility. B.S.S. has over 150 courses, though not all are offered at any given time.

School specialization[edit]

BSS takes part in the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board's Programs of Choice method that tailors learning to specific areas of interest. Barton Secondary School's focus is on the manufacturing industry and offers programs accordingly. Grade 9 and 10 students in the program are offered introductory courses in the manufacturing field, while grade 11 and 12 students have the option to specialize in the program. Barton Secondary School also provides a Cisco networking course through the Cisco Networking Academy.[4] This program is taught largely through the use of online material (with the exception of students creating an Ethernet Cable) as the school does not have the required equipment to provide students so that they may do the lab portion of the course.

Program highlights and student support programs[edit]

Barton Secondary School takes part in the following programs:

  • Monthly Case Conferences to focus on students at risk
  • After-school Literacy & Numeracy program
  • Math Work Room – to complete homework or assignments
  • BEST Program - On-site Alter Ed. program for senior students
  • High School Prep Course and Transition Program for Gr. 9 students
  • Pathways program for all career destinations
  • Cooperative Education/Work Experience for Students at Risk
  • Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course
  • Credit Recovery Programs
  • Leadership and Peer Support course
  • Locally Developed Courses
  • Student Success Learning Teams
  • OYAP
  • Meetings with Feeder schools
  • Development of Staff
  • One on One meetings with Students at Risk (STAR) and communication with Parents
  • Peer Mentorship Program between seniors and new gr. 9 students.
  • Data Team meetings – Workshops for STAR – Study Skills, Organizational Skills, Test taking
  • CISCO – Computer Networking certification programs
  • Canadian Welding Bureau certification (CWB Testing Facility
  • Award winning[citation needed] - Manufacturing - Profiling Excellence Educator Award
  • Photography
  • Basketball Academy

Credit Recovery Program[edit]

The Credit Recovery Program that Barton Secondary School offers is primarily for students with learning disabilities and/or a disability that affects the student in a way that he or she can not complete a required program, such as physical education. The Credit Recovery Program, although offering a student with the chance to gain a credit, does not in fact have anything to do with academic advancement. The program is actually the recycling program and students are equipped with a blue bin, garbage bag and gloves and expected to empty the recycling and garbage from each room in the school.[4]

Field trips[edit]

Barton offers a few school trips each year. These are dependent largely on which class you take and which club you are partaking in and can be broken down as follows:

  • Zoo Trip - For 9th grade geography students only.
  • Band Trips - For Band members only. Trips are to various locations to perform against bands from other schools.
  • English Field Trip to Stratford - Open to all students
  • Field Trip to One of Five Locations (Europe, New York, Boston, Washington, Ottawa) - 11th and 12th grade students only, with a different destination each year

Extracurricular activities[edit]

Barton has extracurricular activities that are largely the same as neighbouring schools. These include:

  • Sports (Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Badminton, Swimming, Football and Girls Field Hockey)
  • Year Book Committee
  • Band

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