Barton upon Irwell Rural District

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Coordinates: 53°31′26″N 2°19′13″W / 53.524°N 2.3204°W / 53.524; -2.3204

Barton upon Irwell
 • 1911 6,793 acres (27.49 km2)
 • 1921 6,762 acres (27.36 km2)
 • 1931 6,762 acres (27.36 km2)
 • 1901 8,068
 • 1921 10,110
 • 1931 15,712
 • Origin Barton upon Irwell Rural Sanitary District
 • Created 1894
 • Abolished 1933
 • Succeeded by Municipal Borough of Eccles, Kearsley Urban District, Stretford Urban District, Urmston Urban District
Status Rural district
Government Barton upon Irwell Rural District Council
 • HQ Patricroft
 • Type civil parishes

Barton-upon-Irwell was, from 1894 to 1933, a rural district in the administrative county of Lancashire, England.


The rural district was created by the Local Government Act 1894 as successor to Barton-upon-Irwell Rural Sanitary District, formed in 1875. In 1920 the boundary of the district was adjusted to reflect a change in county boundaries, and it exchanged areas with Bucklow Rural District, Cheshire.[1]

Civil parishes and boundaries[edit]

The rural district consisted of four civil parishes:[1]

The district formed two distinct areas: to the south the parishes of Barton Moss, Davyhulme and Flixton were surrounded to the north by Worsley Urban District and the Borough of Eccles; to the east by the County Borough of Salford; to the south by Urmston Urban District and by the boundary with Cheshire and to the west by Irlam Urban District. The parish of Clifton was a detached exclave to the north adjacent to the urban districts of Kearsley and Swinton and Pendlebury.[2]


The rural district was abolished on 1 April 1933. Two county review orders: the Lancashire (Manchester and district) Review Order and the Lancashire (Southern Areas) Review Order transferred the district's area to four neighbouring towns: Barton Moss passed to the Borough of Eccles, Clifton to Kearsley Urban District, Davyhulme to Urmston Urban District and Flixton to Urmston Urban District.[3]


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