Bartosz Chajdecki

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Bartosz Chajdecki (born 28 September 1980, in Kraków) is a Polish composer.

A representative of the young generation of Polish composers, Chajdecki started to compose at 12 and graduated from the Academy of Music in Kraków with distinction.[1] He is best known for his works for feature films and TV series.

He composes soundtracks to major Polish film and TV productions, including Bogowie / Gods, Powstanie Warszawskie / Warsaw Rising, Chce się żyć / Life Feels Good, and Time of honor.

In 2010 he was nominated for the International Film Music Critics Association Award for the best original score for a television series,[2] and in 2011 he won the Transatlantyk Ocean Award for “the most promising composer of the young generation” at the Transatlantyk International Festival of Film and Music in Poznań.[3]


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