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The Bartram Canoe Trail is a system of canoe and kayak trails in the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta and is named for explorer and naturalist William Bartram.

The 200-mile-long trail system is one of the longest in the United States.[1] It includes bottomland hardwood swamp, creeks, side channel sloughs, lakes and backwaters. The trail system also includes Bottle Creek which is in close proximity to the Bottle Creek Indian Mounds.

The trail system is operated by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.[2]


Point Coordinates
(links to map & photo sources)
Boatyard Landing 31°10′36″N 87°50′26″W / 31.1768°N 87.84068°W / 31.1768; -87.84068 (Boatyard Landing)
Canal Island Platform Campsite 31°05′23″N 87°53′28″W / 31.08983°N 87.89123°W / 31.08983; -87.89123 (Canal Island Platform Campsite)
Champion Cypress Tree 31°00′04″N 87°54′41″W / 31.001028°N 87.911472°W / 31.001028; -87.911472 (Champion Cypress Tree)[notes 1]
Dead Lake Platform Campsite 31°02′38″N 87°54′56″W / 31.0439°N 87.9155°W / 31.0439; -87.9155 (Dead Lake Platform Campsite)
French’s Lake 31°08′08″N 87°50′43″W / 31.13568°N 87.84518°W / 31.13568; -87.84518 (French’s Lake)
Holley Creek 31°10′57″N 87°51′15″W / 31.1824°N 87.85417°W / 31.1824; -87.85417 (Holley Creek)
Hubbard’s Landing 31°03′49″N 87°52′13″W / 31.0637°N 87.87028°W / 31.0637; -87.87028 (Hubbard’s Landing)
Jacintoport Campsite 30°49′18″N 88°02′46″W / 30.82159705°N 88.04618424°W / 30.82159705; -88.04618424 (Jacintoport Campsite)
Jug Lake Platform Campsite 31°00′42″N 87°54′29″W / 31.01173365°N 87.90813999°W / 31.01173365; -87.90813999 (Jug Lake Platform Campsite)
Rice Creek Landing 31°00′57″N 87°51′49″W / 31.01578°N 87.8636°W / 31.01578; -87.8636 (Rice Creek Landing)
Spoonbill Sandbar Campsite 31°10′05″N 87°53′38″W / 31.16797°N 87.89384°W / 31.16797; -87.89384 (Spoonbill Sandbar Campsite)
Two Rivers Point Campsite 31°01′11″N 87°57′45″W / 31.01968°N 87.96262°W / 31.01968; -87.96262 (Two Rivers Point Campsite)
Upper Bryant Landing 31°02′40″N 87°52′35″W / 31.04437°N 87.87635°W / 31.04437; -87.87635 (Upper Bryant Landing)
  1. ^ 200 yards @ 206 degrees from tree on bank marked "5" in blue


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