Baruch Leib Rosowsky

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Baruch Leib Rosowsky
Born 1841
Riga, then Russia
Died 1919
Occupation Famous Cantor,
Children Solomon Rosowsky,
Famous Cantor & Composer

Baruch Leib Rosowsky (Latvian: Baruhs Leibs Rozovskis, 1841  – 1919) was a famous cantor of the Great Choral Synagogue in Riga and a composer of religious music in Riga,[1] at the time a city in Imperial Russia. Rosowsky's time of death was during the Latvian War of Independence. His son was also a famous cantor, named Solomon Rosowsky. It is likely that Rosowsky's family is related to the Rasofsky branch of the Barney Ross family.


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