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Bashment may refer to:

  • Any kind of Jamaican music, any jam sessions.
  • Bashment, another name for dancehall, a type of Jamaican popular music that developed around 1979.
  • Bashment Time, an album by Gammy Award-winning Jamaican singer for kids Father Goose.
  • "Bashment Boogie," a song by Roots Manuva, produced by Lotek from his 2001 album Run Come Save Me.
  • Bashment, a play by British playwright Rikki Beadle-Blair, exploring the controversy around dancehall reggae music and the consequences of homophobic lyrics.
  • "The Bashments", name of a ska, rocksteady, reggae group from Ontario, California.
  • Junko Kudō Junko Bashment Kudo, 2002 dancer from Japan.