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Bashy Quraishy (2011)

Bashy Quraishy is a Danish-Pakistani author and consultant regarding minority rights.


Quraishy was born in India, but grew up in Pakistan.[1] Quraishy has studied Engineering in Germany and United States, and later studied International Marketing in London. Quraishy is a member of a number of Commissions, Committees and Boards involved with Human Rights, Ethnic/Religious Equality Issues, anti-racism, anti-discrimination, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, both in Denmark and internationally.

Quraishy is the Chief Editor of MediaWatch, a quarterly magazine on media and minorities; Chair of media monitoring organisation Fair Play; and member of the Advisory Council of Danish Institute for Human Rights.

In 2001–2007 Quraishy was President of ENAR, the largest EU network against racism with over 700 member organisations. Since November 2007, Quraishy is Chairman of ENAR’s Advisory Council, Chair of the European Platform for Jewish Muslim Co-operation, member of the "Board of Trustees" of the Dutch Foundation "More colour in the media", General Secretary of the network EMISCO (European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion), and Member of the Advisory Board for the Migration Research Centre at Hacettepe University. Quraishy is also senior adviser to COJEP International, a France-based inter-cultural youth organisation, and from 2005–2007 sat on EU Commission’s High Level Committee on the Social and Labour Market integration of disadvantaged ethnic minorities in EU.

Quraishy contributes regularly to the Danish and European press with essays, chronicles and TV debates as well as lectures on various issues concerning Ethnic Minorities in EU, Islam in western media, benefits of interculturalism, globalization, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, racism’s consequences, and integration’s dilemma in Europe. Since January 2010, he hosts a TV programme, "Bashy’s Corner", on Kanal Hovedstaden.


Books published:

  1. Fort Europa –1994
  2. EU – the lost paradise - 1995
  3. European Union or Fortress Europe – 1996
  4. I am not a racist but --. – 1996
  5. My Europe – 1997
  6. Searching for a humane Europe – 1998
  7. From Punjab to Copenhagen – 1999
  8. Danish identity – seen through brown eyes - 2003


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