Basil Deacon Hobbs

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Basil Deacon Hobbs
Born (1894-12-20)December 20, 1894
Arlington, Berks, England
Died 1963
Occupation Aviator

Basil Deacon Hobbs,DSO, OBE, DSC (born 20 December 1894) is a British and Canadian aviator. He is the second most highly decorated pilot in Canada.[1]

Early years[edit]

Hobbs moved to Canada at a young age. In 1915 he went to take flight training at the Wright Flying School in Dayton, Ohio.

First World War Service[edit]

In 1915 Hobbs Joined the Royal Naval Air Service as a Flight Lieutenant. During the war he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross (1917) and the Distinguished Service Order later that same year.[1] While flying a Curtiss H-12, He is one of the few Canadian pilots to score a victory over a German Zeppelin.

Interwar Flying[edit]

In 1920 Basil Joined the Royal Canadian Air Force, he resigned his commission in 1927 holding the rank of Major. During this time he was employed by the Canadian Air Board as a "certificate examiner".

Second World War Service[edit]

At Canada's entry into the Second World War, Basil was recommisioned as a Group Captain in the RCAF. Stationed in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, he was employed in anti-submarine operations and training.[1]


He died in 1963.

Awards and honours[edit]


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