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Basílio de Bragança Pereira (born 29 April 1945 in Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian statistician.

He studied at Escola Nacional de Ciências Estatísticas since 1958 until his BSc in Statistics (1968), and obtained his Ph.D.and D.I.C. from the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (1976) supervised by Sir David Cox. He also obtained an MSc in Operational Research (1970) and a Docent Free in Applied Statistics (1989) from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.[1]

In 2003 he spent a year working on a Project on Neural Networks in Statistics with Professor C.R. Rao at Penn State University on a postdoctoral grant from the Brazilian Government (CAPES).

He is employed by the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro since 1970, in the Institute of Mathematics, Postgraduate School of Engineering (COPPE) and School of Medicine.[2] Associate Professor at the Institute of Mathematics (1970–1989 and 1994–1997),Research Professor at COPPE (1970-present),Titular Professor of Applied Statistics at COPPE(1989-1994,retired),Titular Professor of Biostatistics at the School of Medicine(1998-2015, retired). He has supervised more than 70 thesis and dissertations.

He was Elected member of the International Statistical Institute.[3] His current statistical interests are Applications of Statistical Learning Methods in Medicine, acting mainly in choice of separated models, likelihood and Bayesian inference, time series,regression and survival analysis, neural networks in statistics.



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