Bassetts Island

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Bassetts Island is a propeller-shaped island within Pocasset Harbor and Red Brook Harbor, in Bourne, Massachusetts, USA.

The island is geographically separated into four portions, the central, northeast, southeast, and the western. The island is inhabited (perhaps only seasonally); there is one house on the western portion and five houses on the northeast portion. Also, there is a minor path that runs throughout the island, except for most of its southern portion.


The island is southeast of Wings Neck, west of Patuisset (neighborhood) & Handy Point, northwest of Long Point, and northeast of Scraggy Neck & the Anchorage.



The central portion of the island is the most forested area on the island. Also, there are two small salt ponds on the central portion which connect with Red Brook Harbor.


The northeast portion of the island is moderately forested. There is a small inland pond. Also, there are several residential buildings spread out along the northeast portion.


The southeast portion is the least forested portion of the island. Half of the portion is marshy, but the southeast portion has the sandiest coastline on the island. There are no buildings nor man-made structures on this portion of the island.


The western portion, the widest and shortest arm of the island, is sparsely forested. There is some marshy land on the eastern side, extending towards the center of the arm. On the western side are several buildings, a tennis court, and a pier.

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