Battle of Abukir

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The Battle of Abukir or Aboukir refers to three battles fought near Abukir, Egypt, on the Mediterranean coast west of the Nile delta:

  • The Battle of the Nile, also known as "Battle of Abukir Bay", the naval battle fought on 1 August 1798
  • The Battle of Abukir (1799) of the Egyptian campaign of the French Revolutionary Wars, fought on 25 July 1799, where Napoleon finished his defeat of the Turkish army of Mustafa IV
  • The Battle of Abukir (1801), second battle of the Egyptian campaign fought on 8 March 1801. In this battle, a British army of 5,000 under General Ralph Abercromby landed to dislodge a French army of 2,000 under General Louis Friant. The British succeeded but lost 1,100 troops.