Battle of Cynoscephalae (364 BC)

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For the later, and better-known battle fought here, see Battle of Cynoscephalae.
Battle of Cynoscephalae
Date364 BC
Result Theban victory
Thebes Thessaly
Commanders and leaders
Pelopidas Alexander of Pherae

At the Battle of Cynoscephalae (364 BC), the Theban forces of Pelopidas fought against the Thessalian troops of Alexander of Pherae in a battle in which Pelopidas was killed; nevertheless, the Thebans won.[1][2][3] The next year, the Theban general Epaminondas avenged Pelopidas' death by a victory over Alexander.

Theban Hegemony, Cynoschephale


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Coordinates: 39°22′N 22°50′E / 39.36°N 22.83°E / 39.36; 22.83