Battle of Kroppenhof

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Battle of Kroppenhof
Part of the Polish–Swedish War (1621–1625)
Date November 28, 1621
Location Kroppenhof, Livonia (Latvia)
Result Polish–Lithuanian victory
Herb Rzeczypospolitej Obojga Narodow.svg Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth Naval Ensign of Sweden.svg Swedish Empire
Commanders and leaders
Slepowron.svg Aleksander Gosiewski Samuel Cockburn
500-600 men 850 men
Casualties and losses
very few 280 killed
7 banners

The Battle of Kroppenhof was fought during the Polish–Swedish War (1621–1625), between Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Swedish Empire in November 28, 1621. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth forces under the command of Aleksander Gosiewski defeated the Swedish forces commanded by Samuel Cockburn.