Battle of Mared

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Battle of Mared
Part of Northern Seven Years' War
Date9 November 1563
LocationMared, Sweden
Result Danish victory
Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark–Norway
Commanders and leaders
Eric XIV Frederick II
12,000 4,500
Casualties and losses
2,500–3,000 200

Battle of Mared was a battle in the Nordic Seven Years' War between the Swedish and Danish forces on 9 November 1563. The battle was held on the site of present-day locality Oskarström in Sweden.

After the outbreak of the war, a Swedish army under the command of Eric XIV marched into Halland. The goal was to besiege Halmstad, but it failed because of the lack of artillery. Since the Danish king Frederick II was on his way with reinforcements, the Swedes pulled back. But they were caught up in Mared, where they were defeated.

The Danes were victorious, but there was no decisive victory, as the Swedes managed to pull back.

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