Battle of Sendanno

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Battle of Sendanno
Date December 1536
Location Sendanno, Etchū Province, Japan
Result Ikkō-ikki victory
Ikkō-ikki forces Nagao clan forces
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Nagao Tamekage

The battle of Sendanno was a battle during the Sengoku period (16th century) of Japan, one of many fought by daimyo (feudal lords) who sought to suppress the anti-samurai uprisings of the Ikkō-ikki. The Ikki were mobs of peasants, commoners, monks and low-ranking samurai who revolted out of a desrire to improve their social standing by threatening to overthrow the daimyo.

In December 1536, Nagao Tamekage set out from the castle of Kasugayama to fight against the Ikkō-ikki of Kaga Province. They met in battle at a place called Sendanno, in Etchū Province. There, Tamekage was defeated and killed, along with many other Nagao clan warriors. Tamekage's son, known as Terutora, was not present at the battle, but would later become the famous Uesugi Kenshin.[1][2]


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