Battle of Suthul

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Battle of the Suthul
Part of Jugurthine War
Date 110 BC
Location near Suthul, Numidia
Result Numidian victory
Numidia Roman Republic
Commanders and leaders
Aulus Postumus Albinus

The Battle of Suthul was an episode of the Jugurthine War. The battle was fought in 110 BC between the Roman force led by the praetor Aulus Postumus Albinus and the army of Numidia, led by King Jugurtha. In 110 BC, the consul Spurius Postumus Albinus invaded Numidia, but left soon after to prepare elections in Rome. His brother Aulus Postumus Albinus got the leadership of the Roman army, but was easily tricked by Jugurtha, who trapped the Romans near the town of Suthul.