Battle of Takusa

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Battle of Takusa
Date April 12, 1853
Location Takusa
Result Kassa Hailu is victorious
forces of Kassa Hailu Yejju, Tigray, Wollo, Gojjam
Commanders and leaders
Kassa Hailu Dejazmach Birru
Casualties and losses
Two Dejazmaches

The Battle of Takusa was fought on April 12, 1853, between the forces of Kassa Hailu, future Emperor of Ethiopia, and an alliance of several rival warlords. The forces of Hailu's enemies were led by Dejazmach Birru Aligaz, who was reinforced by troops sent to him by Wube Haile Maryam under the command of his son, Gwangul Wube.

According to Sven Rubenson, this battle is famous "as the battle in which he [Kassa] fought four dejazmaches and killed two, Dejazmach Birru Aligaz and Belew."[1] However, Harold Marcus states that Kassa defeated five Dejazmaches, and that Birru was not killed in this battle, but escaped and was captured May 1854, to remain in captivity for the next 14 years.[2]


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