Battle of Thimeon

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The Battle of Thimeon was a Frankish victory over the Vikings near Thimeon (near modern Charleroi) north of the Sambre in February 880.

In 879, Vikings (probably Norsemen) from England settled on the river Scheldt. After celebrating Christmas at Frankfurt am Main that year and signing the Treaty of Ribemont with Louis III and Carloman II of West Francia, Louis the Younger marched an army northward on the Viking settlement. The battle was a rout for the Vikings, 5,000 of whom were killed, but the Frankish king also sustained a heavy loss: his only surviving son, the illegitimate Hugh, was killed in action.


Coordinates: 50°24′0″N 4°26′0″E / 50.40000°N 4.43333°E / 50.40000; 4.43333