Battle of Tlatelolco

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Battle of Tlatelolco
Moquihuix mendoza.jpg
The burning temple of Tlateloclo and the death of Moquihuixtli, as depicted in the Codex Mendoza (early 16th century).
Date 1473
Location Tlatelolco
Result Tenochca victory
Tlatelolco Aztec Empire
Commanders and leaders
Moquihuixtli  Axayacatl

The Battle of Tlatelolco was an attack in 1473 on the Mexica altepetl (city-state) of Tlatelolco by Tenochtitlan and its allies. It resulted in a Tenochca victory, and the deaths of Moquihuixtli, tlatoani ("ruler" or "king") of Tlatelolco and Xilomantzin, tlatoani of Culhuacan, who had conspired to conquer Tenochtitlan.

Coordinates: 19°27′3.9″N 99°8′15″W / 19.451083°N 99.13750°W / 19.451083; -99.13750