Battle of Warsaw

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The term Battle of Warsaw can refer to several battles fought in Warsaw:

  • Deluge era battles
Siege of Warsaw (1656), Warsaw retaken by Poles from Swedes on June 30, 1656, during The Deluge
Battle of Warsaw (1656), battle outside the city on July 18-July 20, 1656, during The Deluge, following which Warsaw was captured by Swedes for the second time
Battle of Warsaw (1705), fought on July 31, 1705 during the Great Northern War
  • Partition battles
Warsaw Uprising (1794), better known as the Insurrection of Warsaw, during the early stages of the Kościuszko Uprising
First Battle of Warsaw (1794), during the Kościuszko Uprising
Battle of Praga, during the later Kościuszko Uprising, followed by the infamous Massacre of Praga
Battle of Warsaw (1831), during the November Uprising
  • World War I and Polish-Soviet War battles
Battle of the Vistula River (1914), during World War I, also known as the Battle of Warsaw
Battle of Warsaw (1915), during World War I
Battle of Warsaw (1920), during the Polish-Soviet War
  • World War II battles
Battle of Warsaw (1939), siege of Warsaw during the Invasion of Poland, at the outset of World War II
Battle of Warsaw (1944), better known as the Warsaw Uprising
Battle of Warsaw (1945), part of Vistula–Oder Offensive

Other battles fought in the vicinity of Warsaw that are known under different names: