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Battleford was a federal electoral district in Saskatchewan, Canada, that was represented in the House of Commons of Canada from 1908 to 1925. This riding was created in 1907 following the admission of Saskatchewan into the Canadian Confederation in 1905 from parts of the Northwest Territories ridings of Assiniboia West, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan and Strathcona ridings.

It was abolished in 1924 when it was redistributed into Rosetown and South Battleford ridings.

Election results[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1908
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal CHAMPAGNE, Albert 3,462
Conservative MORRISON, Thomas Andrew 2,268
Canadian federal election, 1911
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal CHAMPAGNE, Albert 5,453
Conservative HOWELL, Marshall Job 3,522
Canadian federal election, 1917
Party Candidate Votes
Government (Unionist) WRIGHT, Henry Oswald 5,404
Opposition (Laurier Liberals) GOURLAY, Wallace Gordon Allan 1,693
Canadian federal election, 1921
Party Candidate Votes
Progressive MCCONICA, Thomas Henry 9,156
Liberal CHAMPAGNE, Albert 1,558

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