Baudouin, 12th Prince of Ligne

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Prince of Ligne
Reign 26 June 1960 – 3 March 1985
Predecessor Eugène
Successor Antoine
Born (1918-11-27)27 November 1918
Died 3 March 1985(1985-03-03) (aged 66)
Château de Belœil
Spouse Countess Monique de Bousies
Full name
Baudouin Marie Lamoral de Ligne
House House of Ligne
Father Eugène, 11th Prince of Ligne
Mother Philippine de Noailles
Religion Roman Catholicism

Baudouin, 12th Prince of Ligne (1918–1985) (Baudouin Marie Lamoral de Ligne, Prince de Ligne et du Saint-Empire, Prince d'Amblise et d'Epinoy, Grand d'Espagne)

Following the death of his father, he became the head of one of the most prestigious Belgian noble families. Prince Baudouin was the elder son of Eugène II, 11th prince de Ligne, and Philippine de Noailles. He had a younger brother, Antoine, and two sisters (Isabelle and Yolande). Following his death in 1985 without descent, his brother Antoine succeeded him as 13th Prince of Ligne and of the Holy Roman Empire.



Baudouin, 12th Prince of Ligne
Born: 27 November 1918 Died: 3 March 1985
Belgian nobility
Preceded by
Prince of Ligne
Succeeded by