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Bboongbboong-E (also called as 'Bboongbboong-E the fart master) is a children's television program produced by Education Television Studio (EBS). Broadcasting began in March 2000. The show attempts to help children to think and develop their language, expression, and social skills. The characters such as Bboong Bboong-E let the children join in the TV show. The main character Bboongbboong-E’s fart has many magical effects.


Former characters[edit]

Bboongdol-E and Bboongsoon-E were dropped to reduce animation costs. Recently, Bboongsoon-E returned. In one episode, Bboongsoon-E and Bboonbboong-E got married.


Usually the band called ‘Chukka Chukka Boomboomboom’ provided music for the show, although ‘Fun Fun Band’ also performed.

Daily Episodes[edit]

  • Monday-Play with tools—Children play with household tools.
  • Tuesday-Fun Story Telling—This is a rebroadcast of the prior week's Thursday story.
  • Wednesday-Play with tools—Children play with household tools.
  • Thursday-Fun Story Telling—‘Jajan bro’ tells a story from a traditional or famous book.


  • Year 2001 Korean Best television show
  • Year 2002 Korean best television character
  • Year 2003 Korean best television character