BeaconLight Trust

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BeaconLight Trust
BeaconLight Trust logo.gif
Founded 1995
Founder Paul Adams
Type Biblical training provider
Focus Evangelical Christianity
Origins United Kingdom UK
Area served
UK, Worldwide
Method Provides Biblical training resources
Slogan "biblical training to share"
Registered Charity number: 1047046

BeaconLight Trust is a non-denominational Christian training organisation that provides biblical training resources. BeaconLight is a registered charity (no. 1047046),[1] a member of Global Connections[2] and the Evangelical Alliance.


BeaconLight started in 1995, running face-to-face training courses, predominantly in South-East England. These courses involved participants from approx. 400 churches, and were normally based at Banstead Baptist Church.[3] Since 2007, BeaconLight has offered free-to-use training resources over the internet. In 2009 BeaconLight published its first book, Truth Direct.[4]


In November 2007, BeaconLight began offering a daily devotional email service named Word@Work. The stated aim of this service is to encourage people at work to apply the Bible’s teaching to their working lives.[5] Word@Work has garnered praise within the evangelical blogosphere,[6][7] and its readership has grown to 30,000 readers worldwide (as at April 2011).[8]


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