Bear Gulch Reservoir

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Bear Gulch Reservoir
Location Atherton, California
Coordinates 37°25′57″N 122°13′34″W / 37.43250°N 122.22611°W / 37.43250; -122.22611Coordinates: 37°25′57″N 122°13′34″W / 37.43250°N 122.22611°W / 37.43250; -122.22611
Type Reservoir
Basin countries United States
Surface elevation 203 ft (62 m)
References [1]

Bear Gulch Reservoir is a reservoir in the town of Atherton, California.[2] It is the main storage for the Bear Gulch District of the California Water Service, holds 215 million US gallons (810,000 m3) of water, and serves 55,501 people.[3]

It is not open to the public. Mountain lions are occasionally sighted in the area.[4]

If the dam fails, portions of Atherton and unincorporated west Menlo Park are subject to inundation. Refer to the county map[5]

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