Beat'n Down Yo Block!

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Beat'n Down Yo Block!
Beat'n Down Yo Block.JPG
Studio album by Unk
Released October 3, 2006 (U.S.)
Recorded 2005-2006
Genre Hip Hop, crunk
Label Big Oomp Records/Koch Records
Producer DJ Montay, Unk
Unk chronology
Beat'n Down Yo Block
2econd Season
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Deluxe edition cover
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars link
RapReviews 4.5/10 stars link

Beat'n Down Yo Block! is the debut album from Atlanta-based rapper Unk. It was released October 3, 2006. Beat'n Down Yo Block! features many prominent southern rappers, among them D.G. Yola, Baby D and Dem Franchize Boyz. It also features production by Jazze Pha.

Koch Records re-released an expanded edition of the album on September 25, 2007, featuring previously unreleased tracks and a bonus DVD.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro" (feat. Jelly) (Platt, Anthony/Shahid, Fard) — 1:53
  2. "Beat'n Down Yo Block" (Humphrey, Montay/Platt, Anthony) — 3:42
  3. "Walk It Out" (Humphrey, Montay/Platt, Anthony/Simmons, Howard) — 2:53
  4. "Comin' Down Da Street" (feat. Loko) (Humphrey, Montay/Platt, Anthony/Scott, Lorenzo) — 2:47
  5. "Bring It Back" (Humphrey, Montay/Platt, Anthony) — 3:29
  6. "2 Step" (Humphrey, Montay/Platt, Anthony/Shahid, Fard) — 3:15
  7. "Slow It Up" (feat. Jizzal Man) (Humphrey, Montay/Leverette, Benard/Platt, Anthony) — 2:55
  8. "Don't Make Us" (feat. DJ Montay & D.G. Yola) (Humphrey, Montay/Platt, Anthony/Simmons, Howard/Talley, Mario) — 5:21
  9. "Flatline" (Humphrey, Montay/Platt, Anthony) — 2:56
  10. "Thinking Of You" (feat. Jazze Pha) (Alexander, P./Hooker, Corey/Platt, Anthony/Shahid, Fard) — 3:27
  11. "Fresh Dressed" (feat. Backbone) (Humphrey, Montay/Platt, Anthony/Williams, Jamahr) — 4:51
  12. "Ayyy" (Platt, Anthony) — 3:21
  13. "This Is How We Do" (feat. Big Korey & Dru) (Matey, Andrew/Platt, Anthony/Roberson, Korey) — 2:51
  14. "Hold On Ho" (feat. Baby D, DJ Montay & Parlae) (Platt, Anthony/Simmons, Howard/Jenkins, Donald/Gleaton, Maurice) — 3:23
  15. "Smokin' Sticky Sticky" (Humphrey, Montay/Platt, Anthony) — 6:20
  16. "Hit the Dance Floor" (feat. Baby D) (Platt, Anthony) — 3:38
  17. "Say Yes" (feat. Dru) (Matey, Andrew/Platt, Anthony/Scott, Lorenzo/Shahid, Fard) — 2:33
  18. "Back It Up" (Platt, Anthony/Simmons, Howard) — 2:26
  19. "Brand New Day" (Platt, Andrew/Scott, Lorenzo) — 5:06

Deluxe Edition[edit]

In addition to the tracks mentioned on the original album, the following tracks were added: (iTunes Music Store version)

  1. "Walk It Out (Remix)" (featuring OutKast and Jim Jones)
  2. "2 Step (Remix)" (featuring T-Pain, Jim Jones and E-40)
  3. "Hit the Dance Floor" (Music Video)
  4. "Walk It Out" (Music Video)
  5. "2 Step" (Music Video)


Single information
"Walk It Out"
  • Released: September 6, 2006
  • B-side:
"2 Step"
  • Released: 2007