Beauchamp Tower

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Beauchamp Tower
Born 13 January 1845
Moreton, Essex
Died 31 December 1904
Nationality British
Occupation Engineer
Engineering career
Significant advance Hydrodynamic lubrication

Beauchamp Tower (13 January 1845 – 31 December 1904) was an English inventor and railway engineer who is chiefly known for his discovery of full-film or hydrodynamic lubrication.[1]

Early life[edit]

Beauchamp Tower was born the son of Robert Beauchamp Tower, rector of Moreton, Essex and educated at Uppingham School, Rutland. He decided at the age of 16 that he wanted to become an engineer and received early training at the Armstrong Works at Elswick, where he stayed for a few months as a draughtsman after completing his four-year apprenticeship.


Apparatus for steadying guns on shipboard

Beauchamp Tower held several patents regarding an apparatus for maintaining a constant plane in a floating vessel.[2][3] The apparatus is based on the gyroscopic principle. One of the possible applications of this patent was steadying guns on shipboard.[4]