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"Beautiful England" was the title of a series of short, illustrated travel/guide books first published in Britain by Blackie & Son around 1910 and continuing in print until the 1950s. Each title featured a particular region, town or city in England and was illustrated by watercolour landscape painter, E. W. Haslehust.

Blackie & Son also published other related series: "Beautiful Scotland" (4 vols. or 4 pts. in 1 vol.), "Beautiful Ireland" (Leinster, Ulster, Munster, Connaught; painted by Alex. Williams; described by Stephen Gwynn; 4 vols. or 4 pts. in 1) and "Beautiful Switzerland" (Chamonix; Lausanne and its Environs; Lucerne; Villars and its Environs: all pictured and described by George Flemwell).

Book titles[edit]

The Roman Bath in Bath, Somerset (from Bath and Wells, 1914)
Bere Regis, Dorset (from The Heart of Wessex, 1910)
"Beautiful England" series
"Beautiful Scotland" series
"Beautiful Ireland" series
  • Gwynn, S. L. Ulster (1911)
  • Gwynn, S. L. Leinster (1911)
  • Gwynn, S. L. Munster (1912)
  • Gwynn, S. L. Connaught (1912)
  • Gorges, Mary. Killarney (1912)

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