Beauty Confidential

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Beauty Confidential
Cover of paperback edition
Author Nadine Haobsh
Country United States
Language English
Genre Beauty
Publisher Avon
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 270 pp
ISBN 978-0-06-112863-9
OCLC 123029666
646.7/042 22
LC Class RA778 .H233 2007

Beauty Confidential: The No Preaching, No Lies, Advice-You'll-Actually-Use Guide to Looking Your Best is a 2007 beauty guide by American author Nadine Haobsh.

The author, a former beauty editor, provides tips and product suggestions in chapters broken down to cover beauty topics from head to toe. Beauty Confidential is mentioned in an infomercial for Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals foundation.

The chapters[edit]

  1. Getting Started: What beauty editors know that you don't
  2. Hairstyling: Hairdressers that make love to your hair...and other adventures in styling
  3. Hair Color: Blondes don't necessarily have more fun, but salons sure as hell want you to think they do (Or: How a TV show changed my life)
  4. Eyes: Making the most of your sexiest feature
  5. Complexion: Who needs an MD? Becoming your own dermatologist
  6. Sensitive Skin: Your skin is not Mike Tyson; please don't beat it up
  7. Face: Your skin is the palette and you are the artist—have fun with makeup
  8. Lips: Why should Angelina Jolie have all the fun?
  9. Body: Because your tummy and knees are part of your skin, too—pampering your body
  10. Bikini Line: We have all become strippers
  11. Manicure/Pedicure: If your nails don't look good, you don't look good
  12. Epilogue: The importance of beauty

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