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Beaver Lake Park is a 54 acre (220,000 m²) park located on the southwest corner of Beaver Lake in the city of Sammamish, Washington. It offers public access to the lake, three ball fields, and a picnic shelter.

The park is also home to a pavilion and the Lodge at Beaver Lake, which has traditional Native American-style Tsimshian totem poles and story poles, and hosts weddings, receptions, and dinners.

In October, the park is host to the annual "Nightmare at Beaver Lake," a huge and elaborate haunted house-type attraction, which benefits charitable projects sponsored by the local Sammamish Rotary [1] which is part of Rotary International Rotary Club.

The park has also hosted the Annual Beaver Lake Triathlon since 1994.

The park used to be owned and maintained by King County, but the park was transferred, effective January 1, 2003, to the City of Sammamish, due to county budget shortfalls caused by state tax revolt.

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