Because You're Mine (song)

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"Because You're Mine" is a song written by Nicholas Brodszky with lyrics by Sammy Cahn taken from the 1952 musical film of the same title.[1] It was recorded by Mario Lanza (who starred in the film) and Nat King Cole in two different versions, which were both released as singles in 1952. In the USA. Lanza's record reached no. 7 in the Billboard charts and Nat King Cole's version achieved the No. 16 position.[2] The Mario Lanza recording also reached Number 3 in the UK Singles Chart, spending 24 weeks within the top 12, and was Lanza's only UK Top 12 hit. The Nat King Cole recording was included on his album Top Pops, placed three spots lower and spent only 3 weeks on the chart. The Mario Lanza recording was one of his three million selling singles.

The song (sung by Billy Daniels at the Awards show) had received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1952 but lost out to “The Ballad of High Noon”.

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