Bed and Breakfast (1930 film)

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Bed and Breakfast
Directed by Walter Forde
Produced by L'Estrange Fawcett
Written by Sidney Gilliat
Based on Bed and Breakfast
by Frederick Whitney
Starring Jane Baxter
Richard Cooper
Sari Maritza
Alf Goddard
Cinematography William Shenton
Release date
  • 22 December 1930 (1930-12-22)
Running time
68 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Bed and Breakfast is a 1930 British comedy film directed by Walter Forde and starring Jane Baxter, Richard Cooper and Sari Maritza.[1] It was based on a play by Frederick Whitney.

Thought to have been lost, the film was found as a result of a 1992 British Film Institute campaign to locate missing films.[2]



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