Bedok Lighthouse

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Bedok Lighthouse
Bedok Lighthouse is located in Singapore
Bedok Lighthouse
Location Bedok
Coordinates 1°18.544′N 103°55.965′E / 1.309067°N 103.932750°E / 1.309067; 103.932750Coordinates: 1°18.544′N 103°55.965′E / 1.309067°N 103.932750°E / 1.309067; 103.932750 [1]
Year first lit 1978[2]
Construction concrete and brick building[3]
Tower shape 26-storey condominium with beacon on the top
Height 249 feet (76 m)
Focal height 249 feet (76 m)
Range 20 nautical miles (37 km; 23 mi)
Characteristic Fl W 5s.
Admiralty number F1733
NGA number 21260[4]

Bedok Lighthouse (Chinese: 勿洛灯塔) is an active lighthouse facility located at the southeastern coast of Singapore. The lighthouse is located on top of a 26-storey condominium at Lagoon View Block 5000L Singapore 449293, Marine Parade Road.[5]

The light characteristic shown is one white flash every 5 seconds (Fl.W. 5s) visible for 20 nautical miles (37 km; 23 mi). It can be observed visually as a "red concrete cubicle".[6]


Singapore's first automated, unmanned lighthouse, Bedok lighthouse stands at 76 metres above sea level. It began operating on 9 August 1978 and its 600,000 candle light beam was reported to be visible at sea for up to 42 km. It cost $225,000 and was a replacement for the Fullerton Lighthouse on top of Fullerton Building, which would be obscured by high-rise buildings in what is now the Marina Bay area.[2]

In 2014, a new lighthouse will be built atop the 25-storey high Block 3, Marine Terrace. This block was chosen to replace Bedok Lighthouse and will become operational by the third quarter of 2015. This will be the first lighthouse atop an HDB block. [7]

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