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Beehive Forum
Stable release
1.5.2 / November 5, 2016 (2016-11-05)
Repository BeehiveForum on GitHub
Operating system Platform Independent
Platform PHP/MySQL
Type Internet forum software
License GPL

Beehive Forum is a free and open source forum system using the PHP scripting language and MySQL database software.

The main difference between Beehive and most other forum software is its frame-based interface, which lists discussion titles on the left and displays their contents on the right.


Other features which differentiate Beehive from most forums include:

  • Targeted replies to specific users and/or posts.
  • Safe HTML posting (malicious code is stripped out), rather than BBCode, via WYSIWYG editor, helper toolbar, or manual typing.
  • A relationship system, allowing users to ignore users and/or signatures that they dislike.
  • Powerful forum-wide and per-user word filtering, including a regular expression option.
  • A flexible polling system, allowing public or private ballot, grouped answers, and different result modes.
  • A built-in "light mode" that allows basic forum access from PDAs and web-enabled mobilephones.

Beehive is used by the popular UK technology website The Inquirer on the Hermits Cave Message Board.[1][2]

Security and Vulnerabilities[edit]

In May 2007 Beehive Forum was selected as one of the most secure forums from a selection of 10 Open Source software tested by Dragos Lungu Dot Com.[3]

On 28 November 2007 Nick Bennet and Robert Brown of Symantec Corporation discovered a security flaw related to Beehive's database input handling. The vulnerability could "allow a remote user to execute SQL injection attacks".[4][5] The flaw affected all versions of the software up to 0.7.1. The Beehive Forum team responded very rapidly with a fix released, in the form of version 0.8 of the software, later that day.[6]

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