Beethoven Was One-Sixteenth Black

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First edition cover

Beethoven was One-Sixteenth Black is a book of short stories by Nadine Gordimer, published by Bloomsbury. Reviewing the collection in The New York Times, Siddhartha Deb said: "As she always has, Gordimer offers her readers a rare combination of intimacy and transcendence".[1] Jonathan Gibbs wrote in The Independent: "In her 84th year, Nadine Gordimer has produced a remarkable 10th collection. They show none of the "audacity" Richard Ford called for in his recent anthology of American short stories. Instead, what they show is tact: a quality that seems bound up in Gordimer's decades of experience. There are stories here that a 30-year-old could not have thought to write, let alone written."[2]


Many of the stories in the compilation have been published elsewhere and are available online. Some of these are listed below.